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Why Does CBD Seem So Expensive?

If producing CBD is not much higher than other large-scale cultivations, why do CBD products seem so much more expensive?

In this article, we take a look at the cost of producing CBD products and see what makes them worth their price tag.

We also take a look at the disparity between higher priced CBD products and those with a significantly lower price tag. Here’s a hint: cheaper CBD products may cost you less but you might get more than you bargained for (and not in a good way).

Here’s why CBD has a higher price point:

Here’s why CBD has a higher price point:

1) Hemp farming is hard work

While many large-scale crops enjoy the benefit of automation, hemp crops require quite a bit more manual TLC. Hemp plants need to be constantly monitored for their THC limit, and if some develop higher THC, those plants will have to be removed from the crop. This means farmers need to constantly monitor the plants- if they don’t, they run the risk of wasting entire crops.
Once harvested, the hemp needs to be dried correctly. This process often requires large areas that provide both shelter and specific conditions for the hemp to be dried successfully.

2) Extraction and refinement is both challenging and costly

Perhaps one of the largest factors for expensive products is the extraction and refinement process. Like many plant extractions, CBD and other cannabinoids need to be extracted with precision and expensive equipment.

There are two main extraction methods: CO2 extraction and ethanol. Both the CO2 and ethanol methods produce high-quality extractions. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction seems to be accepted as the preferred method for premium products- but it comes with a hefty cost.

Ethanol, on the other hand, is slightly cheaper. Ethanol extraction also allows the manufacturer to boost their production scale a fair bit more than when using the supercritical CO2 process.

Both the ethanol and CO2 process extracts the full cannabinoid spectrum, including THC. This means that manufacturers have to add an additional step to isolate the CBD, or isolate the THC and remove, making the product a broad-spectrum product. Some companies include other plant compounds such as terpenes. These are excellent products and well worth the investment. But, ensure you invest in a quality company that pulls out all the stops to bring you a premium product. Canzon’s CBD products are formulated with terpenes and merge top-shelf quality with intuitive plant formulations.

3) THC-free products need to include an additional step:

The hemp extracts need to pass through an additional process for them to be THC-free. These additional refinements cost extra, further upping the cost of the product.

4) The Importance of Premium Production

While you might be tempted to reach for the lower-priced option, consider the fact that lower price points are often an indication of poor production. Why? Quite simply, because it is cheaper.

Is this always the case? No. But if you are tempted to opt for a cheaper product then it is essential for you to do your homework on the product.

The surest way to check a product’s quality is to read the independent lab reports. And if the company doesn’t offer them- do yourself a favor and find a different company. Third-party lab reports are essential- there are some companies that seek out cheaper production methods to enter the market with products at a lower price point. The danger here is that these cheaper methods often sacrifice the product’s quality. The independent lab reports show an unbiased analysis of the cannabinoid profiles. This ensures you do not purchase a product with more THC than you bargained for. What’s more, hemp soaks up all the chemicals and substances that surround it. Therefore hemp farmers need to go to great lengths to ensure the soil is clean of any harmful chemicals. When a company is looking to cut production costs, this is often the step that they sacrifice for the production budget.

The CBD should be sourced from organic plants as much as possible. Always check these lab results to ensure the products are free from harmful residues and chemicals, and unwanted THC too. Canzon CBD products have an easy-to-access lab result and aim to produce premium products that people can trust and rely on for consistent quality.

5) Product Development and Good Manufacturing Practices

Product development is a hidden cost that many people do not often consider. Reputable brands make it their mission to offer products that are a cut above the rest. Canzon has developed products for targeted approaches, such as sport creams and balms. These types of products are the result of vigorous market research and product research too. The CBD oil hasn’t just been added to a moisturizer, the correct plant compound profiles have been combined to bring people a product that fits perfectly for them. There are many people that wonder, even after trying CBD products, whether it’s all just hype or do CBD products work? Well, in most cases they have not tried a specifically and thoroughly developed product like Canzon’s CBD products. Whether it’s CBD oil, CBD Sports balm, or an anti-aging moisturizer, the products are a result of extensive research and precision.

The Bottom Line

Let’s not beat around the bush, safe CBD products are relatively expensive. And safe CBD products that work well are even more expensive. There are many CBD companies out there, and unfortunately, there are a handful that will sacrifice safety for profit. If you are shopping for CBD online, how do you know whether to trust the company or not? Firstly, if their products are sitting well below the average price point then that should raise a red flag. Always check the company’s test results to find out if what’s printed on the label is what’s actually inside the product. Canzon offers third-party lab results for you to get an in-depth look into the product’s contents. Because then you can see for yourself that a good CBD product may seem higher-priced, but safety and quality is a worthwhile investment.

All Canzon products have gone through stringent testing processes to ensure quality control. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) and product research may not come cheap, but they are essential in the hemp and CBD marketplace.

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