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These CBD Products are Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving

These CBD Products are Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving

Are you looking for a gift that keeps on giving for someone on your holiday gift list? There are many weird and wonderful gift ideas to choose from, and thanks to the internet they are all pretty much a click away. Whether you are looking for a gift that offers health benefits, or something that gives value to daily life, these three gifts are sure to keep on giving long after they are unwrapped.

The Gift of Wellness: the Ultimate Gift that keeps on giving

CBD products make excellent gifts and are surprisingly diverse too. Whether for a sports enthusiast, a makeup artist or your wellness obsessed significant other, there is a CBD product that could be an excellent gift for them. But how to sift through the countless CBD brands online to find the quality you can trust? The internet is home to a wide variety of cannabis-based products, as well as cannabis brands. Choosing the right CBD product can be tricky, and so can choosing the right CBD brand to buy from. The CBD product range is impressive, from CBD capsules and crystals to CBD oil spray and CBD e liquids. It is challenging enough choosing the right one for yourself, how do you know which product to choose as a gift? The following CBD products are some of the best gift options this holiday season. Take a look at these gift ideas that will keep on giving value to the recipient. Many people have heard of the cannabis plant, and are now seeing many products made from hemp plants. This may seem confusing if you are new to the cannabis marketplace, but we can clear it up simply enough. The hemp plant is a type of cannabis sativa and, by definition, has less than 0 THC.

But before you gift CBD, you may want to know a bit more about this promising little cannabinoid.

The effects of CBD span a wide range, with minimal side effects. Aside from potential beneficial wellness qualities, CBD oil tinctures and other CBD based products can be an interesting ingredient to add to a skincare routine.

While CBD does not cause psychoactivity, the cannabinoid holds promise for encouraging a calmer state for bettering sleep, easing tension, and even getting that healthy glow back for tired winter skin. The holidays can be a stressful time, why not gift a CBD gift to help ease the pressure?

CBD is not the only element that makes Canzon CBD oil an excellent gift choice, especially for a wellness enthusiast. The oil is made from full-spectrum, organic hemp and has the full-spectrum benefit of flavonoids and terpenes.

Sourced from EU hemp farms renowned for upholding the highest organic standards, this full-spectrum CBD oil is full of beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD. If you are looking for a quality product, then you should look out for CBD products that are consistently third party lab-tested like Canzon CBD oil. The CBD oil is available in a milder 5% concentration and a 10% concentration.

CBD Cosmetics are a great gift idea as they are becoming more and more popular. Canzon’s CBD range of CBD cosmetics is the ideal gift for someone that loves a good skincare routine. Not only are they a trendy gift to give, but they are a useful to receive too. A simple CBD hand cream will be a humble yet appreciated gift, especially in the cold holiday months.

Canzon’s CBD cosmetic Shop Our Complete CBD Cosmetics Linerange is the perfect gift for skincare enthusiasts. In an age where beauty routines are streamed on the daily, a CBD infused cosmetic could be just the gift you are looking for. Look out for high-quality products, designed using all-natural ingredients, organic plant oils, and CBD.

Canzon’s CBD moisturising serum makes an excellent splurge, while the CBD hand lotion is an affordable way to give the gift of wellness. While a cream may seem like an unusual gift to give, the internet has been buzzing with interest around CBD and cannabis products and is sure to delight even the most mildly curious. Moisturisers that have been infused with CBD are in high demand, and there is an assortment to choose from. From night creams to day creams and serums to eye gels; you can find a gift that will be appreciated every time it is used.

The winter months can be harsh on the skin, so we often need to have a reliable moisturiser that we can count on to give the skin the support it needs. The Super Hydrating CBD Moisturizer is formulated with Aloe Vera, CBD, and Sativa Seed Oil to protect your skin from environmental dangers as well as provide moisture to dry skin. If you know of someone that has sensitive skin, this will make a thoughtful present.

Another gift that can keep on giving is a CBD infused product specially designed for sports enthusiasts. Training in cold conditions can be tough on the body, so why not provide the muscles with a little extra motivation with a Quick Action Recovery Gel or a CBD Long Term Action Recovery Cream. Any sports enthusiast will gush over receiving a CBD cream like this.

CBD Cream for Sports Enthusiasts

What better gift to give than one that gets better each time it is used? The Long Term Action CBD muscle cream is a unique present for a sporty friend, but the best part is that it has a compounding action, becoming more efficient over long term use.

The cream is crafted using organic sativa seed oil, sunflower seed oil, arnica, organic calendula, CBD and a whole host of other ingredients bursting with goodness. A cream filled with nature’s arsenal, the long term action CBD cream will bring a long-lasting smile for sports enthusiasts on your gift list.

Here's How CBD for Sports Works

After some of its potential ignited the initial CBD buzz, scientific interest has now spread to many other areas of interest, including increasing evidence to suggest other wellness properties. The cannabinoid has since garnered the consistent attention of the scientific community, and numerous clinical and non-clinical trials have been conducted.

Although more in-depth analysis needs to be done, the humble CBD cannabinoid (which is just one out of a possible 100+ cannabinoids) has piqued the interest of many people from all demographics- including athletes. The World Anti-Doping Agency no longer prohibits CBD and the WHO has declared the cannabinoid to be safe, well-tolerated and no potential for developing dependency.

Reliable topicals like the Canzon Long Term Action CBD with Sativa Seed Oil & Sunflower Seed Oil are designed to support muscle strengthening, optimise recovery and long-term relief. Creams such as these could potentially maintain balance within the body while helping to keep the skin moisturised.

The Long Term Action CBD Cream is a carefully crafted topical designed to work with your body to support long-term relief and optimise post-workout recovery. Slow absorption of CBD, sunflower seed oil, and Sativa seed oil provide comfort and replenish the targeted area. If you would like to maintain balance within your body, support comfort and aid skin moisturisation, try our CBD Long Term Action Recovery Cream.

If you are looking for a more specialised gift, the CBD Quick Action Recovery Gel is a blend of nature’s goodness. The gel combines Chamomile extract with Sativa seed oil to offer tired muscles and joints a helping hand. Unlike the cream, the gel has a quick-action formula designed to provide rapid relief to the targeted area.

Before you buy CBD: What to look for

Unfortunately, not all CBD products are equal. Fortunately, Canzon offers pure and effective products that have third party reports to prove it.

Here are the three essential factors to consider before you buy a CBD product:

  1. What type of CBD is used? Organic CBD should be your first choice. Consider also whether you prefer full-spectrum or CBD isolate products. Always check the lab reports for the cannabinoid content before you buy a product.
  2. What other ingredients are in the product? You don’t want to give someone a CBD product that has impure compounds that could be harmful. Inferior ingredients will detract from the product, even if the purest CBD is used. Again, you can use the lab reports to ensure you know what is in the product you purchase.
  3. Is the price fair? The consensus is that inferior products will use cheaper oil production methods, but they may also contain harmful residues. The most exorbitantly priced products are also not necessarily the best, either. You want to pay a fair price for a quality product. You’ll have to use the Goldilock’s philosophy and measure the products attributes against the cost and find one that is just right.

Are you struggling to choose which CBD cosmetic to gift? You could always pick a couple of favourites and gift a bundle, or you could select the anti-ageing bundle offered through the Canzon shop. If you still can’t decide, there’s always the sample bundle for a little taste of each CBD cosmetic product.

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