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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the CBD Galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the CBD Galaxy

What is CBD?

If you wear a suit to work every day, you probably think about the Central Business District when hearing the term CBD.

In our case, this term refers to the 2nd most hype chemical which can be found in the cannabis plant. These chemicals are unique to cannabis, and they are called cannabinoids. Now I know, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word marijuana is rolling a big fat joint that will ease your mind, but the euphoric feeling you get from smoking cannabis is reserved to the most hype chemical named THC.

CBD, or otherwise known as Cannabidiol, will not get you “high.” I hope you’re not too disappointed.

On the bright side, CBD just might support overall wellness and balance within the body via the indirect connection it has with the human endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid System

The human body is a magnificent yet complicated machine. It has a variety of systems, and each one of them is responsible for a different function in our body. Among them, you can find the immune system, digestive system, and nervous system – all of them need to be working correctly so that the human body can operate normally, and that’s where the endocannabinoid system (ECS) comes into play.

In each of the systems mentioned above, there are receptors called CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors can be found in our brain and nervous system, while CB2 is connected to our immune and digestive systems.

Whenever one of the other systems fail to deliver, these receptors send a signal to the ECS so it will send cannabinoids to help that system get back on track.

The cannabinoids, which are part of the ECS, named anandamide and 2AG, are produced by our body, while CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant, as we mentioned before.

A lot of research is going on at the moment regarding CBD due to the way it just might help to work with our ECS and keep our body balanced or target a specific area to support relief, and so far, the results are mind-blowing.

How is CBD Made?

You know by now that CBD is a natural component that is found in the cannabis plant and interacts with our ECS. For it to do so, we need to extract it from the plant. It can also be found in the hemp plant that comes from the same family as cannabis but has slightly different attributes. While marijuana is infamous for being rich in THC, hemp is rich in CBD and has a low amount of THC, which make it a preferable choice for many for CBD extraction.

There are a couple of preferred ways to extract the CBD from the plant, the first one using alcohol, and the second one using CO2, aka carbon dioxide. 

Alcohol (Ethanol) Extraction

There’s an ancient saying that goes, “Give a man wine, and he will give you his secrets.” When it comes to the most popular way of CBD extraction today, I find an amusing similarity between the two, but maybe that’s just me.  

To make a long story short, combining ethanol with the hemp/cannabis plant, extracts CBD along with all the other cannabinoids and terpenes (chemicals responsible for the plant’s fragrance) that plant has to offer.           

This method is super popular these days since ethanol is considered to be a safe solvent as far as the FDA goes. It’s also one of the best ways to create a “Full Spectrum” product – which refers to a whole lot of other cannabinoids and terpenes that get extracted along the way in the process and work in harmony with CBD, according to research.

The Entourage Effect and Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The plant-made medicine has been around the world for centuries and was passed through generations among different cultures treating all kind of conditions. Only in the last decade, a shift was made towards the use of synthetic drugs which tend to rely on a single component to target a specific condition.

Dr. Ethan Russo, a leading researcher in the cannabis field, introduced The Entourage Effect, suggesting that there is a possible synergy between the components of the cannabis plant, and when working together, they can lead to a boost in the desired effect. Therefore, a Full Spectrum oil will have in it multiple cannabinoids and terpenes that were extracted from the plant.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Extraction

Carbon dioxide can be found in the air we breathe. Extracting CBD and other goodies from the cannabis plant by compressing CO2 under low temperatures and running it through the plant, has become more and more popular in the pursuit to achieve premium CBD extract. It is a safe way of extracting when done right with the right equipment, although the equipment can be quite expensive. This process allows the creation of the pure product, free of any toxic leftovers and the environmentalists among you will be happy to hear it can be fully recycled.  

What is CBD Isolate?

This is the purest form of CBD. In its final form, it is a powder that contains almost 100% CBD. After extracting the CBD from the plant, there is another phase of purifying the extract and removing from it anything but the CBD. On top of that, CBD Isolate will commonly be extracted from the industrial hemp plant due to the high levels of CBD found in it.

MCT Oil as a Carrier for CBD

MCT or Medium-Chain-Triglycerides are a type of fatty acids. Combine them with CBD, and you will get fast and effective absorption. These type of fats don’t take a long time to break in our body, that makes them a superior choice for a CBD carrier. They are the main ingredient of the Coconut oil – more than half of it. Additionally, it’s a great type of fat that can contribute to almost any diet out there, and it dissolves faster in our body than other types of fat.

There are a few ways you could enjoy the benefits of MCT OIL + CBD. You could use it topically as a Balm, and you could vape it using CBD E-Liquid or even put CBD drops directly in your mouth. It’s all about exploring and figuring out what just might help you.

Benefits of Using CBD as a Balm

CBD Balm BenefitsAs our society becomes more and more aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, fitness gurus have grown more popular on social media and the general public wants to get in shape. Unfortunately, some people are going to get injured in the process of getting abs. Applying CBD balm topically on muscles or joints might just support relief and comfort, as it targets the specific area due to the fact we have CB2 receptors in our skin that work together with CBD.

CBD balm can also soothe and moisturize skin.  

Benefits of Using CBD E-Liquid

Smoking CBD will not get you “stoned,” dude. It might help you feel relaxed. Fast.

When you vape CBD, it goes straight to your bloodstream through your lungs. In other words, it skips the digestion part, causing the desired effect to occur as soon as you get CBD running through your veins. This method of use is prevalent because it can be used easily at any given time of day, you can do it privately or in a social situation, and you have full control over the dosage, meaning you can start from a small amount and scale up until you find what works for you.

Benefits of Using CBD Drops

CBD in the form of oil is, at the moment, the preferred way around the world to consume CBD. It’s a very accurate method of consumption since you can adjust just how many drops to swallow, and choose the amount of CBD levels in the tincture. It takes about 30 minutes until you feel the effect since the oil goes through the digestive system first, and then effectively spreads throughout the body, making it ideal for supporting calm and relaxation.   

Benefits of Using CBD Crystal

When it comes to CBD pureness, it’s crystal clear! You take it in any way you like best.

You can measure exact amounts of CBD you want to use, you can either take it orally mixing it with olive oil, put it topically mixing it with coconut oil or even dissolve it to become e-liquid. Regardless of the way you choose to take it, this is an optimal way to use CBD for people who don’t want to have even the slightest trace of THC in their blood and at the same time want to enjoy the full benefit of pure CBD.

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