The Canzon CBD Kit

We believe that the path to CBD heaven is one to discover for yourself. It’s not a copy/paste experience; it is unique for each individual. It’s all about trying different CBD methods of consumption and amounts until you find what works best for you.

So, with that in mind, we felt we couldn’t sum it up in a couple of sentences on the packaging.

Some people like to enjoy CBD in the morning, others at night, at work, after the gym, before exams, between classes and even before job interviews. It all depends on the reason you are consuming CBD.

Once you discover yours, please be a friend and share with us your preferred times of use.

Each person reacts to CBD differently and everyone has their own preferred methods of consumption. Some like to rub it on the skin in order to target a certain area, others enjoy vaping it for a faster reaction, and many prefer using it as drops.

This is the beauty of CBD: there are many right ways.
We are here to answer every question, to share with you our experience and expertise, and mostly, to make sure you know we are here with you for the ride. As we said in the past, we believe our products just might help.
For more information, please click on the product you are holding in your hand: 

CBD Oil 5%

10ml, 500mg CBD

CBD Oil 10%

10ml, 1000mg CBD

CBD Oil 5%

30ml, 1500mg CBD

CBD Oil 10%

30ml, 3000mg CBD


CBD Balm 2%

30ml, 600mg CBD

CBD Balm 3%

30ml, 900mg CBD


CBD E-Liquid 5%

10ml, 500mg CBD