Canzon Subscriptions - Subscribe & Save!

Why Subscribe:

People worldwide have already joined the Canzon community for healthier day-to-day wellbeing. With CBD, consistency is key, so we've now made it even easier to enjoy the benefits of your favorite products with recurring subscription options. Simply subscribe to the products of your choice and have them auto-delivered to you without any excess stress or hassle. Learn more about our subscription program below and sign up today!





7% off all orders.

Self-care is the ultimate goal! We are happy you are choosing self-care and we'll reward your commitment to yourself with a 7% discount on all recurring orders of the CBD products of your choice.





Hassle-free shopping.

Your time and energy are valuable. Subscribe to your favorite products and receive them automatically to your door without the hassle of online searches or keeping track of when your product is running out. Choose between 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day subscriptions, and of course, you can change them as needed.




Free delivery on orders over €70.

To further support your journey to wellness, we offer fast and free shipping on any order over €70. Orders below €70 will cost only €5. 





Pause or cancel at any time.

Need to take some time off? Planning a vacation? We know things can change so we want to keep your subscription as worry-free and as flexible as possible. With a Canzon subscription, you can pause it or cancel it at any time!



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