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Soft Skin: Top Tips for Tantalizing Texture

Soft Skin: Top Tips for Tantalizing Texture

Dry, rough, dull skin can be a drag. We all want to look our best, but our skin comes with a lot of baggage. And let’s face it, no one has perfect skin. Wrinkles, acne and uneven skin tone can keep people from enjoying life and looking their best.

Skin is your body’s largest organ and we rely on it for everything. It protects our vital organs from outside threats, regulates our body temperature, and boosts the immune system. For these reasons and more, it’s no surprise that the number of people using moisturizers, cleansers and serums has exploded in recent years.

You can’t count on your face’s natural healing processes to keep the signs of aging at bay without a little help from some carefully selected products. But shopping for anti-aging products can get confusing, especially when you’re bombarded with seemingly endless options and terms like “retinol,” “acetyl tetrapeptide-3,” and “hydroquinone” that all sound like they’re straight out of a chemistry lab.

Beyond your daily routine and regular facials, there are a lot of other factors that affect the health and appearance of your skin. It may seem tempting to prioritize a beauty routine over a good night’s sleep or diet, but as any beauty expert will tell you, achieving truly stunning skin is much more than just a numbers game. The key to a healthy, youthful glow is a comprehensive approach. Getting enough sleep is very important, but so is diet and exercise. For example, certain foods have been shown to help your skin stay strong and smooth, while others can hinder its ability to look its best.

If you have a dry skin type, then you probably feel slightly disadvantaged in the race for soft, dewy skin. But that doesn’t mean you should give up- there are many natural skin care products that can assist. And while it may feel as if you need to go to a school of medicine to understand the terminology on many labels, the truth is that you don’t.

What causes rough skin?

It’s a rough world out there, and our skin pays the price. Your skin has a story to tell that’s as unique as you are. But sometimes, our skin can get a little too rough for our liking. So, what causes it?

Our skin is like a sponge. It soaks in the positive and negative things in our lives and in our environment: pollution, stress, and sun damage: and when we don’t unplug from the everyday downpour we get rough, wrinkled, blotchy skin with age spots. As we age, our bodies produce fewer estrogens and antioxidants, reducing elasticity and leaving skin looking dull and rough.

Many factors, including diet and pollution, accelerate the aging process and decrease the amount of collagen we produce. Studies show that by the time a woman is in her menopausal stage in life, she has approximately 45% less collagen. This means the skin can end up looking tired and dull, losing some of its youthful texture and softness.

The beauty basics

So should we throw in the towel and curse the ticking time bomb of a calendar? No, of course not. There is nothing wrong with aging; it is a natural, beautiful process. We all age. The question is how well we do it, so make sure to first start with the basics:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Follow a clean beauty routine
  • Take care of the skin and select your products mindfully (it’s all about natural skincare)
  • Don’t be afraid to get your sweat on
  • Keep your face away from harmful UV rays

See the difference with Vitamin C-infused products

Young, lustrous skin starts with a healthy, regenerating routine incorporating quality products. All skin types need a strengthening surface renewal to look and feel their best. Here is one ingredient that will help you achieve brighter, more luminous skin: No matter what your skin type, your skin can look healthy and radiant with the power of pure vitamin C. The essential vitamin and mineral strength of a daily regimen of vitamin C can help you achieve naturally radiant, clear, firm and toned-looking skin from the inside out.

Stick to organic skincare

Simply stick with organic skincare (but always ask for lab reports to validate this- especially if the company claims to make formulations with true botanicals). Certified organic products are certainly the way forward, especially if you want to pursue clean beauty that lasts. Whether you are looking for plant derived body wash, eye creams, body oils, or a hyaluronic acid to boost hydration- always opt for organic products

The Bottom Line

Skincare products and skincare brands are everywhere. How do you choose what is right for you? Unlike many other beauty cosmetics, skincare products are formulated with active ingredients that have been shown to have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin.
And the most important aspect of the products you choose? They should be made using organic ingredients, and also opt for the cruelty free brands.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the most popular skin products are simply a marketing scheme, but in truth it’s no exaggeration to say that the right skincare will enhance your beauty and self-confidence. As any dermatologist will tell you, the right skincare is essential. It keeps you looking vibrant, healthy, and youthful – the face is the first place people look when they meet you, so it’s vital to have it looking its best.

Whether you’re suffering from rough, dry skin or tired eyes, Canzon CBD cosmetics and skincare can give your skin what it needs to look radiant. Browse our online shop and find the best products to get you looking and feeling your best.

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