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Skincare Spotlight: What is Your Skincare Routine?

Are you feeding your skin or are you starving it? When it comes to your everyday skincare routine, is it helping your skin or harming it? This Skincare Spotlight will cover the basics of a skincare routine, as well as the importance of certain key ingredients used in skincare products. We’ll also touch on some common myths about cleansing and caring for your skin, as well as how adding CBD+algae to your routine can be a great help for healthy-looking skin and a youthful glow.

Understanding what your skin needs can be confusing, especially for those with acne-prone skin. This is due to the numerous myths surrounding proper skincare. CBD, hemp oil, and algae oil are emerging as powerful additions to one’s routine.

Take a look at these tips for taking care of your skin:

Less is More

When it comes to skincare, most people have a “more is better” attitude when it comes to their routine. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to your skin – in fact, over-reliance on products can actually dry out your skin, leading to premature aging and the development of wrinkles. But the less is more, the adage extends to what’s in your skincare products too. Placing your focus on organic, clean, and simple products will help your skin more than bombarding it with an onslaught of generic products bought at your local supermarket. Your skin will benefit the most from using clean products with ingredients that have been hand-picked to bring the most value, without a large concoction of chemicals.

This is especially true for sensitive skin. If you suffer from a sensitive skin type, then you have to be extra careful about what is in your skin products. Use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t aggravate the skin, and wash your face with the purest products you can find.

Pure Products for Healthy Skin

We know that a healthy lifestyle can be trickier to implement when you live in a busy world. But, healthy skin relies on a healthy lifestyle. This also takes into account your diet as well as your skincare routine. But not all skincare products are created equally- take a look at these tips for cultivating the best routine for the healthiest skin you can imagine.

Do you have the necessary products to keep your skin healthy and clean?


You’ll want to use a product specific to your face. Don’t use bar soap or body wash on your face, as they tend to be harsher. Important note: You should use a cleanser specifically designed for your face. It is important to wash your face gently, so you do not scrub too hard. Then, rinse with warm water, because hot water removes natural oils and causes your skin to become dehydrated.

Getting the right cleanser is a journey. If your skin is dry, you want to look for alcohol-free and fragrance-free options. It will help you cleanse without dehydrating the skin. Be prepared to do a lot of experimentation if you try to find the best cleanser for your skin. For instance, if your skin is dry, don’t use products with alcohol or fragrance. If it’s oily, look for oil-free options.

Do I Need to Apply a Toner?

After washing your face, toner can be applied. Toners often contain ingredients that replenish and restore nutrients to your skin or diminish redness or dry patches. A toner helps to smooth, soften, calm your skin, and replenish the nutrients that are lost in washing your face.


Moisturizers are for everyone, including you! Yes, you with oily skin- oily skin types need a quality moisturizer in their skincare routine just as much as those with dry skin. If you have oily skin, you might find that a moisturizing day cream with an oil-free formula is the best for your skin type.

Moisturizers prevent your skin from drying out, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. They are most effective when applied while your skin is slightly damp to seal in moisture.


Did you know that the sun is the leading cause of premature aging?

Sunscreen has become the holy grail of skincare in recent years. And for good reason. Are you protecting your skin from sun damage? If you want to look after your skin, then you should be conscious of sun exposure and the effects it has on your skin when you avoid sunscreen. Sun damage can cause premature aging, as it promotes fine lines and early onset of wrinkles.

Every day, even on gray days and cold days, wear a sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB rays. And wear sunscreen every time you’re exposed to natural sun, whether the sun is out or not. You can use a moisturizer with SPF, but it’s a good idea to also apply sunscreen for two reasons. And remember, a moisturizer with an SPF below 30 doesn’t provide nearly enough protection.

There are many reasons to protect your skin from UV damage, but if you need more persuading, consider wrinkles and uneven skin tone. The number one cause of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, and aging signs is UV exposure.


Speaking of dry skin, many people with this common problem are not aware that they can make their skin worse by excessive exfoliation. If you have dry skin, you might want to apply an exfoliator no more than once or twice a week. If you want to scrub your skin on a daily basis, don’t – that could dry out your epidermis and make it appear dull. Exfoliation has been found to speed up the removal of dead skin cells and other debris. This reduces the appearance of dullness and helps prevent acne. 


Serums are an optional addition to your skincare routine but can help bring your skin into balance in a number of ways, including calming redness in the skin.
Antioxidants may help calm redness and improve skin texture, while retinol is often used to improve the appearance of skin firmness. In addition to your currently-used products, serums provide an effective solution because they contain ingredients that support skin health.

Morning vs. Evening

Your morning skincare routine should protect your skin during the day and at nighttime, you should clean your skin to get rid of all impurities. Morning skincare should prevent the damage that will occur over the day and nighttime skincare should fix the damage that occurred during the day. In the morning, you should be using a formula with antioxidants and moisturizers to prevent the formation of fine lines, dryness, and discoloration. At night, your focus should be on removing makeup and oil from your skin.

Which natural extracts are good for skincare?

Many different natural extracts are being used in today’s modern-day skincare marketplace. While the best ones are arguably up to personal preference, we love CBD in skincare as well as skin care products that have been formulated with Algae extracts. However, the most important thing is to find a product or brand that focuses on the wellbeing of your skin- not the clever marketing of their product.

It is easy for a company to market their product as “natural”, but it is essential to look beyond the buzzwords and at the ingredient list. If the company is selling CBD-infused products, are they willingly offering third-party reports for consumers to see the number of cannabinoids? Or if they are offering a product labeled with “algae extract” are they including a decent amount of algae in the product?

Take a look at Canzon’s line of CBD and Algae products – and you will see what a trustworthy brand looks like.

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