Calming Face & Body Lotion
Calming Face & Body Lotion
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Calming Face & Body Lotion

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With Algae, Horsetail Extract and CBD

Mandarin-scented lotion deeply moisturizes to replenish skin

The Calming Face & Body Lotion is designed to deeply relax, hydrate, and protect the skin. Leaving behind a signature uplifting mandarin fragrance, this lotion is ideal for dry, normal or delicate skin. Its unique soft and velvety texture is quickly absorbed and helps to moisturize and protect against free radicals to leave skin feeling restored, smooth and supple.

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  • Size: 50ml
  • Total CBD: 1000mg
  • Extraction: Supercritical CO2

Recommended Use

Recommended Use

Apply as desired to the face and body, massaging gently until absorbed.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol (aka CBD) is a powerful cannabinoid found in hemp that works with your body to support overall wellness.  Learn more about CBD.

With Algae, Horsetail Extract, and CBD


Algae (Astaxanthin)

Powerful antioxidant shown to hydrate and protect the skin, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles[8][9][10][11].

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail Extract

Plant extract with a strong moisturizing effect[18] and antioxidant activity[20]. Helps fight free radical damage.

Canzon Calming Face & Body Lotion is a revolutionary new way to help rejuvenate your skin and enhance your well-being. With a soothing combination of plant extracts, our body lotion gives a boost to your daily skincare regimen.

At Canzon, we ensure that our skincare and beauty products are of the highest quality. We use quality organic hemp from local, organic producers, and send our products for third-party testing at an entrusted laboratory.

With our quality CBD lotion, you can be sure that you’re getting a pure, organic product for your skincare needs. For an all-over smoothness and glow, a CBD moisturiser is a great choice.

Product Information: Calming Face & Body Lotion

Our CBD lotion delivers the wellness properties of cannabidiol as well as other benefits, including:

  • Intensive Moisture and Protection

Our products include a blend of natural ingredients and plant extracts that soothe and protect the largest organ of your body – your skin.

  • Third-Party Testing

At times, companies can miscalculate the percentage of THC or CBD in a product, mislabeling it, which is highly detrimental to the consumer. At Canzon, we use a third-party testing laboratory to ensure that our CBD cosmetic products made in Italy have the exact percentage of CBD or THC that the label entails.

  • Ethical Production

To ensure the very best quality of our products, Canzon uses European-grown hemp with organic certification.  Organic products are better for you and your body.

  • No THC

We use potent CBD with no THC to make our moisturizers and other skin creams. Our products will produce no psychoactive effects.


Our products contain premier ingredients like algae and Sativa seed oil, which is also sourced from cannabis Sativa. All of our ingredients are certified organic and help to protect the skin from adverse environmental factors and lock in moisture for fresh-looking skin.

Suggested Use

Our products mesh nicely with your current skincare regimen. Our formula ensures fast and optimal absorption of the active ingredients. To use, apply as desired to the face and body, massaging gently until absorbed.

The Canzon Difference

At Canzon, we want to make sure that you’re satisfied with your skincare product. If you’re not, we will refund your money within 7 days. We also offer free shipping and we provide a safe connection for your online transactions. 


Additional information

Extraction Method

Supercritical CO2

Product Features

Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Made in EU, Suitable for Sensitive Skin, THC-Free, Third-Party Lab Tested, Vegan


Apply as desired to the face and body, massaging gently until absorbed.

Storage Suggestion

To maintain maximum CBD potency, we recommend that you store your CBD product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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