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Oils, Balms, or E-Liquid: Which is Right for You?

Oils, Balms, or E-Liquid. Which is Right for You?

Learning how to shop for CBD products online can be daunting. As soon as you go to any website, a flood of products from CBD tinctures to CBD isolate can overwhelm you and even deter you from trying something new. There just seems to be so much to know and understand.

On top of that, high-quality products can be hard to find. It can be even harder when you’re not quite sure what exactly CBD is or how to use it. Different CBD products work in different ways, and it can be challenging to know which product to choose when you’re buying, especially for the first time.

If you’re new to CBD, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and that’s okay! As you’ve probably seen, there are tons of options available, and each one fits into your active lifestyle differently. Deciding which product to choose just comes down to personal preference and your overall health and wellness goals.

The great thing about choosing Canzon is that you know all our products are third-party lab tested so you can always be confident in the amount of CBD you’re getting in our oils, balms, or e-liquids. We offer lab reports on our website.

Types of CBD Products

With the explosion of CBD’s popularity in recent years, Canzon has adapted to our customer demand by varying our products. With more products available, consumers find flexible options to fit into just about any lifestyle.

If you want to use CBD to support healthy skin or muscles; there’s a lotion or balm for that. Maybe you want to support your overall wellness, a CBD tincture or vaping CBD is a great way to deliver it to your system quickly. All you have to do is determine how you’d like to use CBD to your advantage, and we can provide the product for you.

Our full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to try CBD for the first time because it’s so versatile. 

One popular method is applying it topically to relax irritated skin or add hydration to broken or cracked patches.

The oils we offer are available in 10mL or 30mL bottles and 5% or 10% concentrations. It’s packaged in an amber-coloured bottle to protect it from sunlight for prolonged potency. Keep a 10mL bottle in a purse, backpack, or car’s glove box so you have it with you while you’re on the go.

Our CBD balms are terrific for everyone from student-athletes that need some relief from sore muscles to people who struggle with dry, broken skin.

These balms are based on all-natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax, which work hard to support sensitive skin and healthy joints and muscles.

Our balms are available in two sizes: 600mg and 900mg. Keep your 600mg jar in your gym bag, so you never have to go without soothing your muscles after a tough leg day. The 900mg jar can be kept at your bedside so you can use it as soon as you wake up with morning stiffness.

Our CBD Vape E-Liquid is a simple and effective way to deliver all the benefits of our all-organic hemp plants quickly. We surpass the expectations of industry standards of purity, quality and flavour to offer you a way to regain your composure fast.

Use our Vape E-Liquids whenever you need an acute dose of CBD. You could find it supports a sense of calm in the face of everyday stress.

Our e-liquid is available in a variety of flavours that our customers love: grape, green able, super lemon haze and natural cannabis. They are a 5% concentration of CBD in a 10mL bottle. Anyone who loves their vape will find themselves also loving our organic, full-spectrum, and nicotine-free CBD e-liquid.

Our e-liquids contain an amount of THC that is under .05% so you can vape this full spectrum product whenever you’d like.

Other Things to Consider

While having product knowledge is very important before you buy CBD, it’s not the only thing to keep in mind. Because CBD is so new, there can still be some confusion surrounding legality, extraction methods, and even organic ingredients. As with any other products, you should know what you’re getting in every bottle or jar before you use it.


It was only as recent as 2018 that the US Food and Drug Administration recognised that CBD extracts were safe to use. While most countries in the European Union agree with that finding, it’s still not readily available or legal in every country.

You’ll always want to check your local laws before purchasing any cannabis product. Most EU countries have legalised any full-spectrum CBD product as long as it contains under .2% THC, the notable exception is Slovakia which continues to restrict CBD usage.

Extraction Methods

At Canzon, our oils, balms and creams use a precise CO2 extraction method to obtain the best and most pure CBD from our organic hemp plants.

This supercritical CO2 extraction is the most sustainable extraction method available to producers. It’s recyclable and more environmentally friendly when looking at other known ways. The liquid CO2 used in this process works as a cleaning agent so you can be assured that any mildews, moulds or bacteria that may be present on the plants at the time of harvest are removed during extraction.

This extraction method is used in processing foods, beverages, and other products similar to CBD because any residue that may be left behind will simply evaporate as CO2 is a naturally occurring gas when at room temperature. The result is a purer, more plentiful CBD extract because there are no chemical solvents involved.

All-Organic Ingredients

Using organic ingredients is essential to overall health and wellness. Adhering to an all-organic lifestyle ensures you are only putting natural products and produce into your body without the added concerns of chemical pesticides or ground contaminates.

With organic carrier oils such as cold-pressed hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, and grape seed oil you can be assured that your experience with Canzon’s line of oils, balms, and e-liquid will always be completely natural.

Other natural ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla and rosemary essence provide blissful olfactory experiences again and again without using artificial or synthetic additives or chemicals.

Regular clients know that Canzon’s all-natural approach to manufacturing their products can always be relied on to create the purest brand of products available on the market today.

The Take-Home Message

Using CBD oils, balms, and e-liquids are great ways to manage your day to day stress with ease. Once you narrow your understanding of how you want to use CBD to your advantage, you’ll gain a clearer insight on which products you wish to use and how you want to use them.

If your feet or legs could use some relief, try a CBD balm or Cream. Alternatively, you can choose an e-liquid for the fast delivery of CBD directly to your system when you’re not feeling yourself.

It takes careful planning and a thoughtful approach to bring all-natural, all-organic products like Canzon’s to the market. We hope you’ll discover for yourself the many benefits of CBD.

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