CBD for Arthritis: What does the research say?

Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition for many people all over the world. There is no known cure, and some patients are looking for natural alternatives to alleviate their symptoms.

Could CBD play a role in the treatment of arthritis? Recent studies suggest that CBD and other cannabinoids could not only provide symptomatic relief, but it could be a preventative measure as well. Let’s take a look at CBD’s benefits for arthritis and if there are any side effects to be aware of before using CBD products.

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Arthritis Symptoms

Patients often find themselves dealing with depression and anxiety as well, as the condition can affect everyday movement and activities. Pain and stiffness within the joints can lead to decreased mobility and movement. And if you have already been diagnosed with arthritis, you could be struggling with the never-ending medications that seem to have a growing list of adverse side effects.

While some treatments and medications could ease some symptoms, they could leave a trail of adverse side effects. Whether or not this is the case, people are seeking a more natural approach to treating Arthritis. And since arthritis has no known cure, people are looking for a treatment that will ease the symptoms and can be taken on a long-term basis without the onset of nasty side effects. This is why many people like you are looking at CBD.

But wait, let’s back up a bit.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is what is called a cannabinoid, or a Phytocannabinoid to be specific. The CBD you find in most products is harvested from Hemp plants, which are plants that contain only trace amounts of THC. While the WHO has declared CBD as safe and nonintoxicating, it could cause drowsiness when taken in high amounts.

How Could CBD Be Effective for Arthritis?

Research, animal studies, and anecdotal studies indicate CBD could be useful for those living with arthritis. However, more clinical studies need to be done to determine the precise details.

But What About the Risks?

Have a chat with your doctor before trying CBD, especially if you are on any medications. CBD could interact with pharmaceutical drugs that people with arthritis often take.

Should You Give CBD a Try?

If you want to try CBD, always chat with your health care practitioner first. This is especially relevant for those taking pre-existing medication. When you do begin taking CBD, it is a good idea to keep a record of your symptoms and track your response to the dose.

Avoid products that make extravagant claims and are offering products at dramatically lower prices. Instead, aim for reputable companies that care about the ingredients that go into their CBD balm.

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How Does CBD Work with Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are the most common types of arthritis. OR is a degenerative disease that targets the bone and joint cartridge, causing stiffness and pain. Areas commonly affected are often the knee, hip, and joints in the thumb. On the other hand, RA is an autoimmune disease. If you have RA, your immune system is attacking your joints, which leads to unbearable inflammation. RA often takes place in the hands and feet.

What Does the Research Say?

In 2017, the Pain journal published a study detailing the effect CBD has on joint neuropathy osteoarthritis. According to the study, CBD could potentially prevent both conditions as the research indicates that it is a nerve protectant as well as decreasing inflammation in the joints.

Animal studies indicate that CBD can potentially relieve inflammation and the pain it causes. Here is a concise rundown of some studies related to CBD and arthritis.

In 2011, a study found that CBD effectively minimized the pain caused by inflammation by affecting pain receptors and their response to pain stimuli.

In 2014, existing research was reviewed in one concise report. The analysis concludes with the report that CBD can be effective against OA.

In 2016, topical CBD came under the research spotlight. Topical CBD products (such as quality CBD lotions and balms) can provide symptomatic relief (pain and inflammation).

In 2017, a separate study indicated that CBD is a safe treatment for the joint pain associated with OA.

CBD for Arthritis

CBD topical solutions help you to apply the product on a targeted area. Take your time to find quality products like Canzon CBD Balm made from organic ingredients, premium hemp, and that have the third party test results to prove it.

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