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CBD Oil – Five Fast Facts About CBD Oil

Got questions about CBD? Well, we’re here to pass along what cannabidiol CBD is and how it might help increase your health and well-being! Let’s tackle Five Fast Facts about CBD Oil in less than 5 minutes

1. CBD: Take Me Away!

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it’s one of over more than 100 active components of the hemp  plant. Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant, and you probably already know that  tetrahydrocannabinol THC is the active ingredient that gives marijuana its mind-altering qualities, and the adverse effects of THC such as anxiety and paranoia can be plentiful. However, CBD and THC are quite different (we’ll get into that in a bit—check out #3!). There are numerous benefits of hemp-derived CBD, as well as supporting the body and mind’s well-being. How is this possible? Let’s move on to #2!

2. Seriously?! My Body Has Cannabinoid Receptors??

This may blow your mind, but regardless of whether or not you use cannabis, your body actually has what’s known as an endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is a complex biological system that was discovered in the early 1990s during research into THC. Although experts still don’t fully understand how the ECS operates, they believe that it helps regulate our body and mind’s internal processes. Receptors bind with both internally-produced endocannabinoids, as well as with CBD and THC if present. They then signal the body to preserve homeostasis (the stability of our internal environment). CBD works in tandem with the ECS to support overall wellness.

3. THC Likes to Party, CBD Showers You with TLC

THC’s mind-altering side effects are well-known. This is because THC is the principal psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, or marijuana, whereas CBD is a hemp extract. Industrial hemp is a member of the Cannabis sativa plant species, but it’s grown specifically for its byproducts to be used in commercial products such as paper, clothing, paint, biodegradable plastics, food, and more. Hemp has a very low concentration of THC (less than 0.3%) and much higher concentrations of CBD, and when the December 2018 farm bill was passed in the United States, it removed hemp from the list of Schedule I controlled substances that have a high potential for abuse, and instead classified it as an ordinary agricultural commodity.

4. CBD Fought the Law…and CBD Won

Thanks to the US’s aforementioned farm bill, hemp-derived CBD products are now federally legal across the United States (though each state and its local agencies have their own regulations, so make sure to do your own due diligence depending on where you reside). In the European Union, hemp farming and the processing of crops with less than 0.2% THC is legal in all states.

5. Yay! CBD Shopping Spree!

You said it, my friend! But there are some things to look into first to make an educated decision.. Now that CBD is legal in various regions across the globe, it’s time to discover your favorite retailers and products. Many aficionados love CBD oils, also known as tinctures, because a large percentage of CBD enters the bloodstream this way, so they’re one the fastest and most popular ways to experience CBD’s wide-ranging benefits. Before you start the checkout process, however, keep in mind that CBD content and quality varies significantly across different retailers depending on the hemp they’ve used and their preparation and extraction techniques. Therefore, when seeking out quality CBD oil, always make sure that the vendor has sourced only the highest caliber premium, organic hemp and that their products are 3rd-party lab tested so you can ensure that your purchases contain what the labels say they do.

So thanks to our Five Fast Facts in under 5 minutes about CBD Oil, are you now crazy for cannabidiol? Ecstatic over endocannabinoids? Happy for hemp? Overjoyed about oils? Although this piece is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any ailments, here at Canzon we’re definitely delighted to help you learn all about the wide-ranging potential benefits of CBD. We invite you to peruse our products, browse our blog, and seek out suggestions at our online home, We’re here to support you, and we wish you the best on your journey to wellness!

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