Dosing CBD: How To Find Your Optimal Dose of CBD

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Dosing CBD: How To Find Your Optimal Dose of CBD

How do you find your optimal CBD oil dosage? Cannabinoids, like cannabidiol (CBD), have a very curious interact with the human body. Because of the way cannabinoids work, there is no one size fits all dose. It’s also a relatively new therapeutic compound, and the research is still in the preliminary stages.

All-natural CBD oil isn’t like a bottle of Aspirin. It works in a much more nuanced manner. The growing body of research into CBD thus far is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot to discover, including more about identifying the perfect CBD dose.

Still, millions of people are finding relief for a variety of medical conditions. How did they settle on a CBD oil dosage? Finding the most effective dose can take a bit of tinkering, but with patience, it’s easy.

Here is a handy guide to getting it right. These suggestions help reduce wasted product and get the optimal results as quickly as possible. If you still have questions, any reputable brand will happily assist you with finding the optimal CBD oil dosage.

1. Read the Label

Every brand (and every product within that brand) has different strengths. Some products will have 300mg of CBD, others 3000mg. To confuse matters more, each might come with a different dilution. Your 300mg of CBD might be in a 30ml or 100ml format.

Check the label or package for details on how much CBD each drop or each dropper-full contains. Reliable brands are going to provide basic instructions on starting dose, according to the specific product. For example, you may see instructions that serving size is ½ dropper full.

If there are no indications on the bottle at all, or you want to work out the calculation for yourself – you’ll have to do the math. For example, let’s look at your 100ml bottle of CBD oil with 300 mg of CBD in it. Divide total CBD by total volume. That means, 300mg divided by 100ml. Every milliliter of oil contains 3mg of CBD. For reference, a standard dropper holds one milliliter of oil, which in our example means 3 mg of CBD.

2. Start Low

The next suggestion is to always start at the smallest suggested serving size. Nobody wants to waste their precious CBD oil while sorting out a dose, so start low. For all the miracles of CBD, it still affects everyone differently, and there is no standard formula to figure out what perfect dose is going to work for you.

Starting low with your CBD oil dosage usually means starting at 5 to 10mg of CBD per day. Again, the CBD oil dose for one person might not be suitable for another. If you are sensitive to medicine in general, you might want to start lower.

3. Go Slow

Your daily dose of 5 or 10mg of CBD might do the trick. After a few days, you may find that your anxieties have slowly disappeared, or your inflammation has gone down. But what if your health issues persist?

Maintain the starting dose for at least three days, then increase by half.

That means take 10mg a day for three days, and on day four take 15mg. Monitor your symptoms for any changes, and then increase by half again after another three days. 

This pace allows your body to acclimatize to the CBD. Going slow also gives you the space to monitor symptoms and reduce the risk of adverse reaction.

4. Steady As She Goes

Eventually, you’ll start to notice serious symptom relief. Congratulations! You have found your optimal CBD dosage. But, when it comes to CBD, more CBD doesn’t always mean more relief. Don’t keep upping the dose to reap more benefit – CBD oil doesn’t necessarily work like that. Maintain the lowest, most effective amount.

Can you take CBD on a daily basis forever? The current consensus, according to the research, is that long term use of CBD oil is safe for most people. Of course, there is still a low risk of side effects – although these are usually mild in nature. If you experience diarrhea, headaches, or other side effects while experimenting with CBD dose, you should revert to a lower dose, or stop altogether.

The Optimal CBD Oil Dosage

The hardest part about finding your optimal CBD oil dosage is having patience with the process. We are all used to instant results, but CBD can take a few days, or even weeks, to settle in. Trust the process and pay close attention to any changes in your body. And remember, start with the lowest suggest dose and slowly increase.

Now you know how to find your optimal CBD dosage. Hope it just might help you feel better.

Here at Canzon, we grow faith in CBD. We test ourselves, verify by third-party labs, and stand behind each product.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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