Can CBD Help My Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

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Can CBD Help My Dog's Separation Anxiety?

Animals can suffer from separation anxiety, especially if they are adopted from a traumatic past or experience a sudden life change. While traditional veterinary medications can help, they often have the same unpleasant side effects as anti-anxiety medications in humans.

If you’ve been wondering how CBD might help your dog’s separation anxiety, here is some crucial information on what it does and how it can potentially promote relief from anxiety. These details include dosage, strength, and product purity.

What Is Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

One of the main reasons that pet parents turn to CBD dog treats and other CBD products is because of separation anxiety. Dogs can suffer anxiety when pet owners leave them on their own.

When your dogs get separation anxiety, they exhibit negative behaviours such as property destruction, urinating or defecating indoors, and intense vocalisations. They can even attempt to escape the house, which can lead to more property damage around doors and windows and, the worst case of all, harm to your pet.

Dogs may develop this condition when you move, if there’s a change in schedule, or any other upset to their daily routine. Veterinarians are increasingly optimistic that CBD may help your pet balance this separation anxiety in the same way that CBD can help humans manage the stresses of everyday life.

Can CBD for Dogs Help Separation Anxiety?

As of yet, there have been no formal studies conducted on pet CBD treatment. However, the AKC Canine Health Foundation launched a study of epilepsy treatments and dogs in 2017.

There is anecdotal evidence that shows that CBD interacts with the nervous systems of dogs and cats in the same way it does with humans. Vets are still unsure whether this means that CBD is useful in lessening a dog’s feelings of anxiety.

Many pet owners use CBD treats explicitly made for canines to lessen their dogs’ anxiety about an owner’s imminent departure.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring compound in both cannabis and hemp. CBD derived explicitly from the industrial hemp plant is used as a wellness additive because it works directly with humans’ endocannabinoid system. The ECS regulates the crucial machinations of homeostasis in our bodies by balancing functions like sleep, appetite, and even immune response.

People use CBD as a potential anti-inflammatory to cope with daily stress and support comfort and relief. CBD can be used topically in creams or oils by rubbing it into sore spots, in the form of tinctures and more.

There are different ways to derive CBD from the hemp plant, and these methods include solvent extraction and CO2 extraction.

Is It Safe for Pets?

The evidence shows that small amounts of CBD are not harmful to your pets, whether they are cats or dogs. Since the studies are still in the nascent stages, it is essential only to use pet-centric products if you plan on giving your furry companion CBD to help manage their separation anxiety.

To watch your dog’s reaction with regard to separation anxiety, begin by giving your dog the recommended amount of treats (this varies depending on your dog’s weight), waiting 20-30 minutes, and then leaving the dog in the house alone for no more than 5 minutes. Continue this throughout the course of a week, gradually increasing the time you are gone.

Utilize web cameras to keep an eye on your furry companion and ensure they are not engaging in destructive behaviours. With time, you should hopefully see the CBD supporting a sense of calm and quiet for your dog while you are out of the house.

Possible Side Effects

There is minimal evidence about the specific use of CBD with dogs. Still, most vets consider the potential side effects of CBD in humans when they are considering the usefulness of CBD as a treatment for pets.

Since our canine companions cannot communicate with language, it is crucial to be vigilant when you are beginning a new CBD regimen to treat your dog’s anxiety. Look for signs of restlessness, excessive thirst, digestive upset, or odd vocalisations and consult with your trusted vet.

Potential Products

There are a lot of products on the market, and you need to be careful which ones you choose to administer to your pets.

Once you’ve checked with your veterinarian about the usefulness of CBD for your pet, be aware of other aspects of the potential CBD products on the market.

If at all possible, buy organic CBD. That way, you avoid any solvents, pesticides, or fungicides that might be in hemp plants that are not grown organically.

Get CBD that is analysed by outside testing. Many CBD suppliers offer to provide a product analysis from a third-party laboratory. This analysis tells you how much CBD is in the product and the THC levels, which should always be .2% or less.

Don’t go for the cheapest product on the market. The higher the cost of the CBD product you’re investigating for your pet, the higher the quality. You want a pure, potent product for your dog.

Last Word

As with any new addition to your dog’s diet, check in with your veterinary clinic to make sure that supplementing CBD products to your dog’s diet will not interact with any current medications.

We love our pets like family, and we want what’s best for them. If your pet has trouble managing their anxiety when you’re out of the house, CBD might help support their overall well-being.

If your vet has agreed to this new addition to your pet’s routine, then CBD could make a difference for both you and your pet. If you think CBD may be right for your dog,
purchase quality CBD products, like those from Canzon.

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