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5 Best CBD Skincare Products for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a result of many factors, including weather and environment, harsh soaps, aging, or common skin conditions such as acne and atopic dermatitis. Is your skin is all kinds of frustrated this summer? You came to the right place. The right CBD skincare and beauty products can help to moisturise the skin and reduce irritation.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful cannabinoid found in hemp with a host of wellness properties for the body and skin. One way to use CBD for dry skin is to add it to your favourite skincare products.  You can also purchase products like CBD creams and lotions that already harness the wellness properties of the hemp plant by combining it with other potent skincare ingredients.

You’ll find high-quality, all-natural ingredients like hemp oil or red algae (anasthaxin) in these products, as well as moisturising additives like shea butter and soothing colloidal oatmeal.

Here are just a few of our favorite CBD skincare products for dry skin: 

If you struggle with atopic dermatitis (AD)– and about 2.4% of the worldwide population does — you know how difficult it can be to manage this inflammatory skin disease. Skin can be dry, itchy, cracked, scaly, and unsightly, and scratching the skin can be hard to avoid.

Luckily, our Defensive Cream is specifically designed to offer respite from this incredibly uncomfortable condition. The combination of CBD and other natural ingredients like sqaulane helps to lubricate the skin, soothe irritated areas and reduce itchiness. To use, simply apply a small amount to the dry and/or irritated area of the skin.

Our Super Hydrating Body Lotion with CBD soothes dryness and replenishes the moisture barrier of your skin, therefore making it perfect for any skin type, especially those with sensitive and dry skin. 

Additionally, natural ingredients such as algae (astaxanthin), squalane and coconut oil help to moisturise dry patches throughout the skin, including elbows and hands. This is especially helpful in colder months when skin is affected by the dry air, but your skin will benefit from it year-round.

Packed with nutrients and botanical extracts, the Calming Face & Body Lotion is the answer to all your dry skin needs. The lotion can be applied anywhere your skin can use a boost of hydration, and deeply moisturizes to replenish skin throughout the day.

The wellness properties of ingredients such as CBD, algae, and horsetail extract make it a great companion for anyone who struggles with dry or overly sensitive skin. Plus, you will love its signature mandarin scent!

The CBD Hand Lotion will give your hands a much needed moisture boost and protect the skin from outside factors such as weather changes, washing with harsh soaps, or wear and tear from working with your hands.

The combination of cannabidiol (CBD), aloe vera and shea butter help to curb excessive dryness. This trio of natural ingredients breathes new life into broken skin and can soothe even the toughest and most painful cracks and an affordable price.

For those who are coping with acne, we’ve developed this extraordinary CBD Calming Care Cream, especially suitable for sensitive and dry skin prone to acne. Made with protective colloidal oatmeal to guard your sensitive skin, the liposomes in this product deliver fast absorption of CBD to your targeted area.

Soothe irritated skin by applying this product directly to your face, neck, and other acne-prone areas as needed. 

Finding the Best CBD Skincare Product for You

Using CBD for skincare can leave your skin feeling hydrated and supple, foregoing the irritation and redness that you may be used to. Some of the best products available to help you on your journey to clearer skin can be found at Canzon. 

If you need help finding the best CBD skincare product for your needs, we can help. Our team is knowledgeable about which of our products may address your skin concerns. Contact us today and let us help you boost your skincare routine.

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