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Help Canzon grow faith in CBD while growing your bank account. We want to thank you for your interest in joining our affiliate team.

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Yes, we are CBD enthusiasts. But hey, we know how the game works. Our IT staff is top-notch and works nonstop to optimize our website. We still wish to improve, but you can be relaxed regarding our conversion rate.



With that said, you will receive a UTM link, and we will provide you with graphics, banners, photos, videos, promo discounts and more. You know your audience best, and our designers are here to provide all the material you need to post on your website, blog, Facebook, YouTube, email or any other media source you have.



You don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to bulk-buy products and resell them. Just share the link you got from us, and start earning money for every new customer your link generated!



No matter what product the customer you generated buys, you deserve the full payment. With that in mind, we have built a fixed price structure that we are sure you will enjoy.

Number of new customers
generated by you per month
Commission per sale (€)
20 and up20 + VIP terms*

* Canzon shall consider higher Commission for substantial volumes of Qualified Purchases, at its sole discretion.



Our reputation is important to us. We value integrity, and we’re promoting transparency! This belief guides us with our clients and partners as well.
For this reason, we choose to use the HasOffers platform, a leader in the affiliate world, to ensure that our distribution-partners get reliable tracking and accurate reporting to help them help us.



Our devoted affiliate team is here to help, guide, and to answer every need you may have. Your success is our success.


Get your affiliate links and choose the creative. Share the link, and the joy of CBD, with your audience and earn money!

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Please Note: You can’t get a commission on your own purchase, using your link. When registering to our Affiliate Program, please read the terms and conditions.

For wholesale orders, please use the Wholesale contact form.

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