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A Million CBD Products – A Guide to Choosing the Perfect One

The world of cannabis is exploding. These days there are hundreds of different cannabis consumption methods to choose between. Long gone are the days where you were limited in a choice between a puff from a joint and bite from a brownie. The same story goes for cannabidiol (CBD) products, which now come in a variety of formats.  From vaping to isolates to everything in between, the world of CBD is one full of options.

The downside of so many options? It can be a little confusing to choose an appropriate and effective product, especially if you are new to using CBD. You may be wondering, what are benefits of a CBD cream versus a CBD vape liquid? Is one better for your needs than another? Are tinctures as potent as isolates? Let’s answer these questions, and get to the bottom of the benefits of each CBD format.

CBD Vape Products

CBD E-LiquidVaping is an increasingly popular choice for consumers. When it comes to cannabis consumption methods, vaping is a much better choice than smoking. Smoking requires incineration of the plant material, which then inhaled. Inhaling smoke of any sort is linked to short-term respiratory issues like bronchitis.

Vaping requires no incineration – it’s purely vaporization of the essential oils and cannabinoids. Purified CBD vape liquids are clean, healthy methods of consumption, with little to no risk of triggering respiratory distress.

Beyond lung health, vaping CBD also delivers a small to a medium-sized dose of CBD. The effects are pretty consistent from one dose to another. A single dose from a vape pen or device is usually between five to ten mg per draw, depending on the experience of the user. The benefits typically appear within 15 minutes and last for a few hours.

Topical CBD Products

CBD BalmTopical products like creams, salves, and balms are meant for external applications. New consumers often choose topicals as a comfortable and easy introduction to cannabis products. Why? Because even if the cream contains THC, there is no way a topical product will trigger a high. That said, CBD products are always non-intoxicating.

CBD topicals are a popular product for soothing minor skin irritations, muscle soreness, and joint pain related to arthritis and inflammation. The benefits may last for a few hours and don’t take very long to go into effect after application.

CBD Oils and Tinctures

CBD OilOne of the most convenient formats of CBD is a CBD oil tincture. Oils come in a variety of potencies, which make them applicable to all budgets and all applications. There are whole-plant infusion CBD oils with and or oils made from CBD isolate. Whole plant infusions contain many other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes in trace amounts, while isolates may be up to 99 percent pure CBD.

CBD oils almost always come with a small dropper which makes dosing accurate and consistent. For those new to using CBD, it’s a good idea to begin with oils or vaping as a way to control the dose and avoid wasting product. When dosed orally, allowing the oil to absorb under the tongue, the effects generally come on within 30 minutes and last for many hours (dose-dependent).

Crystal CBD (Isolate)

CBD CrystalCrystalized CBD, or CBD isolate, is the purest form of CBD product. An isolate has all impurities from the organic plant material removed. The final product can reach up to 98 or 99 percent purity, which mean CBD crystals deliver strong doses, and do so quite quickly. While vaping provides under 10 mg of CBD per inhale, a small amount of CBD isolate can provide a much larger dose if needed

Crystals dissolve immediately, and therefore the onset of benefits usually take place within 15 minutes. Isolate CBD crystals are perfect for those with experience using CBD, and those who understand dose control. Vaping or CBD oils are a much simpler point of entry for people only beginning their CBD journey.

With this knowledge in mind, which way of consumption method is right for you? Do you need big powerful doses or quick and easy puffs of relief throughout the day? Do you care about dose control and accuracy, or discretion? There are so many new and effective ways to use CBD; There is likely a perfect solution.

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Now you know what to look for when researching a CBD product. It just might help you find the right one for you.

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