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5 Best CBD Products for Skincare

5 Best CBD Products for Skincare

The right skincare and beauty products can help to reduce irritation and soothe upset skin caused by free radicals that naturally occur in our environment. Pollution, radiation, and lack of exercise are all factors that create oxidative stress and lead to the creation of free radicals in our bodies.

One of the best ways to use CBD is by adding it to your favourite skincare products. You can also purchase products like creams and balms that harness the wellness properties of the hemp plant by using CBD as an ingredient. You’ll find high-quality, all-natural ingredients like hemp oil in these products, as well as moisturising additives like grapeseed oil and soothing colloidal oatmeal.

Using CBD for skincare can leave your skin feeling hydrated and supple, foregoing the irritation and redness that you may be used to. Some of the best products available to help you on your journey to clearer skin can be found at Canzon. Here are just a few to get you started:

While balms are generally considered to be the athlete’s product of choice for use after a workout, the higher levels of CBD in this product make it ideal for soothing irritated skin. Use this balm to support relief from activity-induced soreness, and promote healthy muscles and joints.

Additionally, the grapeseed oil and cocoa butter help to moisturise dry patches on the face, elbows, and hands. This is especially helpful in colder months when the air is dryer, but you’ll love it year-round.

For those who are coping with acne, we’ve developed this extraordinary CBD Acne Cream packed with protective colloidal oatmeal to guard your sensitive skin. The liposomes in this product deliver lightning-fast absorption of CBD to your targeted area.

Pamper your skin by applying this product directly to your face, neck, and other acne-prone areas in the morning as part of your early skin care routine. Apply it again at night after removing your cosmetics.

Anyone who has psoriasis can tell you how difficult it can be to manage. It’s itchy and can be unsightly, causing those who need relief to cover up affected areas instead of trying to treat them.

Our CBD Psoriasis Cream is specifically designed to offer respite from this incredibly uncomfortable condition. The colloidal oatmeal in this formula can protect your delicate skin by creating a barrier that defends against free radicals.

If you work in food service or the medical industry where you are constantly washing and drying your hands, you know just how harsh soap and water can be on your skin. The delicate skin around cuticles and between your fingers can crack and bleed, especially in colder and dryer months.

Fortunately, we’ve created an affordable hand lotion that helps to curb excessive dryness by combining CBD, aloe vera, and shea butter. This hefty trio breathes new life into broken skin and can soothe even the toughest and most painful cracks.

Canzon’s CBD Moisturizer is the answer to all your dry skin needs. While most people automatically focus in on dry patches that can appear on the face, it can be used anywhere else your skin can use a boost of hydration.

The wellness properties of this terrific moisturiser make it a great companion for anyone who struggles with dry or overly sensitive skin. The aloe vera in this formula serves to deeply hydrate when you apply it in the morning and evening.


Many people already know the benefits of CBD oil can help individuals navigate a stressful world by promoting relief and and a sense of calm. CBD beauty products may do the same thing for your skin. The benefits of the hemp plant don’t have to be limited solely to helping with enhancing your mood when it can be used to love your skin as well.

If you need help finding the perfect CBD skincare product for your needs, we can help. Our team is knowledgeable about which of our products may address your skin concerns. Contact us today and let us help you boost your skincare routine.

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