The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the CBD Galaxy

What is CBD? If you wear a suit to work every day, you probably think about the Central Business District when hearing the term CBD. In our case, this term refers to the 2nd most hype chemical which can be found in the cannabis plant. These chemicals are unique to cannabis, and they are called cannabinoids. Now I […]

CBD Extraction Methods – The Basics

 If you have started looking into CBD products for your health and wellness, you may have come across the topic of extraction method. The extraction method is one of the critical differences between the many different products on the market today. Do you know the differences between the many different cannabis extraction methods? There are […]

A Million CBD Products – A Guide to Choosing the Perfect One

The world of cannabis is exploding. These days there are hundreds of different cannabis consumption methods to choose between. Long gone are the days where you were limited in a choice between a puff from a joint and bite from a brownie. The same story goes for cannabidiol (CBD) products, which now come in a […]