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13 Reasons to Buy CBD from Canzon

13 Reasons to Buy CBD from Canzon

The popularity of holistic wellbeing uses for CBD oil in the Uk and elsewhere in Europe is growing, and many people struggle with finding a trusted source of cannabis oil. Canzon is a top choice for Europeans looking to integrate CBD products into their lifestyles.

Canzon, the fastest-growing CBD brand in Europe, offers a wide range of pure and ethically sourced products that are affordable and accessible. Our values of transparency, safety, and trust are key to our business model. We use European-sourced hemp and manufacturing, and our products are third-party tested to earn consumer trust.

1) Health and Wellness Benefits from High-Quality CBD

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring chemical compound that has been identified in the cannabis sativa and industrial hemp plants.

CBD can support a sense of relief and comfort in the body. The various benefits of CBD promote overall wellbeing and can enhance your quality of life.

2) Canzon Products are Legal in the UK

Because of CBD’s associations with euphoria-inducing chemicals, like THC, some consumers worry about CBD’s legality. Fortunately, throughout most of Europe, including the UK, CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC are legal.

All of Canzon’s products meet this standard, even our pet treats. The lab results of third-party testing on Canzon’s products are available to read online so you can be confident you’re complying with the law and putting only wholesome products in or on your body.

3) CBD Does Not Produce a High

CBD does not contain the euphoria-causing psychoactive chemical compounds present in THC, making it impossible to get high on CBD alone. When you take CBD, you don’t have to worry about negative side effects or feeling stoned throughout your day.

Since Canzon CBD products are manufactured from high-quality European industrial hemp, it contains only trace amounts of THC, not nearly enough to produce any unwanted effects. Pure CBD isolate, like Canzon’s broad-spectrum crystal, contains no THC at all. Using this product will not show up on any drug tests not testing specifically for CBD.

CBD Doesn’t Get You High

4) Premium European Hemp

Canzon sources its hemp from all over Europe; quality CBD oil is made possible by well-bred and grown cannabis plants. Supporting companies with locally sourced hemp is a way CBD consumers can promote sustainable practices.

European farmers have been experimenting with a process called phytoremediation to help countries draw ground toxins out of the soil using plants. Hemp has shown an exceptional ability to absorb nutrients from its surroundings.

Italy has begun to leverage hemp in areas known to have deep contaminates to help the area to recover from ground pollution and disaster more quickly.

5) Ethically Sourced

Canzon understands that integrity doesn’t stop at pure, high-quality products. Canzon works to find farmers and manufacturers with ethical business standards. Our high-quality CBD oil tinctures are sourced from European farms that believe in a more sustainable future.

Canzon oils are also produced in the EU, our skincare line is made in the Netherlands and our cosmetics are manufactured in Italy.

Many ingredients found in Canzon products are certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. All Canzon products are non-GMO which allows you to supplement your lifestyle in the most wholesome way possible.

7) Product Sizes

Canzon has developed a number of well-rounded products available in multiple sizes so consumers can tailor their orders to their individual needs. Regardless of your previous experience with CBD, Canzon has excellent options.

  • Canzon’s CBD Oil Sizes

Canzon’s full-spectrum CBD oil products blend the beneficial properties of cannabidiol with other terpenes in MCT coconut oil to create a 100% organic tincture. It is available in two sizes and two different potencies so you can customize your experience to your needs.

Canzon’s oils are available in:

    • 10 ml, 5% CBD concentrate
    • 10 ml, 10% CBD concentrate
    • 30 ml, 5% CBD concentrate
    • 30 ml, 10% CBD concentrate
  • Canzon’s CBD Balm Sizes

Perfect for your post-workouts, Canzon’s CBD balms are lovingly made to soothe and nourish your tired joints and muscles to support your busy lifestyle.

The balm’s base is hemp seed oil which is naturally packed with fatty acids and omega-3 nutrients. The hemp oil is blended with coconut oil and organic CBD extract to provide you with a product suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

Canzon’s CBD balms are available in two sizes:

  • 30 ml, 2%
  • 30 ml, 3%

7) Flavours

Vaping has become increasingly popular and Canzon has worked to find a harmonious balance between common routine and great taste. Our e-liquids burst with flavour and provide the fastest effects of CBD.

Canzon has developed four e-liquid flavours to enhance your vaping experience. Our e-liquids are easy to use and effective, consistently outperforming competitors for quality, purity, and flavour.

Vaping with Canzon e-liquids can be a safe and effective tool to help you manage your daily stress levels naturally; these e-liquids are nicotine-free and contain less than .05% THC.

The flavours Canzon offers are:

  • Super Lemon Haze 10 ml, 5%
  • Natural Cannabis 10 ml, 5%
  • Grape 10 ml, 5%
  • Green Apple 10 ml, 5%

If you can’t decide on a favourite, it’s no surprise. Fortunately, Canzon offers a CBD E-liquid Variety Pack, so you can enjoy the benefits of them all.

8) Subscriptions

Canzon’s subscription service is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of your favourite CBD oils, balms, e-liquids, crystals, and creams. By signing up for a Canzon subscription, you can have your products delivered directly to you via auto-shipment without the worry of having to reorder before you run out.

Additional benefits of a Canzon subscription include:

  • Up to 20% off all orders

Canzon values customer loyalty. All recurring subscription orders receive 10-20% off.

  • Hassle-Free shopping

Choose between monthly or bi-monthly subscriptions and never worry about running out of products before you remember to reorder them.

  • Free Delivery

Canzon supports your commitment to yourself and wants to show it with fast and free delivery on all subscriptions.

  • Pause or Cancel at Any Time

In an ever-changing world, Canzon is still dedicated to your mental wellness. You can take a worry-free break from your subscription at any time.

9) The Cosmetic Sample Pack

Canzon’s Cosmetic Sample Pack allows you to try Canzon’s luxurious cosmetic line in an inexpensive manner without making a full purchase. The pack includes six outstanding CBD product samples that allow you to start your journey to wellness in a low-risk way.

This sample pack includes:

  • CBD Moisturizer
  • CBD Hand Lotion
  • CBD Moisturizing Serum
  • CBD Anti-Aging Face and Eye Serum
  • CBD Anti-Aging Day Cream
  • CBD Anti-Aging Night Cream

Explore different skincare products with these 1.5 ml samples to discover the perfect combination for your individual needs.

10) Customer Service

Part of Canzon’s mission is to provide excellent customer service. Canzon also provides free shipping on orders over 70 Euros and subscription plan orders. We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction; if you’re unhappy with our products or service, we’d love to discuss how we can make it right.

If you find CBD is not for you, you can take advantage of Canzon’s no-risk 7-day money-back guarantee that covers every Canzon product.

11) Safety

The World Health Organization has reported there are no health risks involved with the consumption or use of CBD products, making them an ideal holistic choice for managing a healthy lifestyle or post-workout wellness. CBD is safe to take at any point throughout the day; it’s safe and legal to drive a car or go to work after ingesting CBD. At low doses, CBD can make your workday more productive. At higher doses, CBD can support a sense of calm before bed.

12) More than Just CBD

Canzon CBD products contain potent CBD in a solution or emulsion. Other botanical oils, including coconut oil, hemp seed oil, essential oils, work in concert with CBD to provide a more well-rounded holistic effect.

Our products are manufactured with additional holistic ingredients based on the special needs of our customers. For instance, our CBD Psoriasis Cream is made with colloidal oatmeal to protect and nourish flaky and damaged skin, while our CBD Balm contains shea and cocoa butter to soothe and moisturise your skin.

13) Positive Record of Customer Satisfaction

Many of our customers offer glowing reports of the beneficial effects CBD has had on their lives and how simple and convenient Canzon makes the process. Our valued customers often become repeat consumers.


Final Thoughts

If you’re considering trying CBD products to leverage their potential health benefits and supplement your healthy lifestyle, Canzon is a top choice for first-time and repeated CBD purchases. The Canzon business model, from ethical sourcing to a commitment to customer service, makes customers glad to work with Canzon.

If you’re ready to get started, we recommend that you try a bundle or sign up for a subscription for an affordable and convenient source of high-quality CBD.

With so many CBD products available in this growing market, you can support your wellness ethically by purchasing Canzon products; you’ll never have to worry about compromising quality or convenience for sustainability.

Contact our team to learn more about how Canzon can introduce the restorative benefits of CBD into your life.

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